For Employers

SpringHill’s expertise encompasses two areas, Pharma/Biotech and information technology. We have focused our efforts in these areas for over two decades. During this time we have developed long lasting client relationships and stayed in contact with our candidates while helping them further their careers. We proactively keep abreast of our prior candidate’s careers and have maintained a large resume/contact info database of these employed, passive candidates.

Our proactive approach to the search/recruiting process consists of five steps:

  1. Thoroughly understand the job specifications, the history and culture of the client company, and how the position fits into the current and longer dynamics of the hiring department.
  2. Mutually establish with the client clear channels of communication and procedures for conducting the search or recruiting effort and facilitating the hiring process for the selected candidate.
  3. Identify a large pool of potentially qualified candidates directly from our own proprietary database, referrals from our contacts and prior candidates, searching social media sites, searching career resume and profile sites, and advertising.
  4. Contact, screen, prequalify, and select premium candidates for the position and submit the candidates to the Client.
  5. Work closely with the Client hiring authorities to facilitate scheduling interviews, reference checking, offer negotiations, and selecting an appropriate start date.

Clients with highly specific candidate searches benefit greatly from SpringHill’s resources and experience. During the initial phase of a search several hundred up to several thousand emails and phone calls can be orchestrated from the contact information in our massive prior candidate and contact databases asking for referrals or perhaps interesting the recipients directly in the target position. Recruiting from a pool of passively employed likely candidates has been proven to contain the most qualified candidates. This kind of recruiting “jump start” often brings a search to a quick conclusion saving Clients valuable time spent on identifying, evaluating and interviewing lesser qualified candidates.